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Interiordecorating-idea.blogspot.com is blog about architecture, home design, interior design and decorating, gardening, and furniture. Many things need to be considered while decorating your home. In this blog I share tips, ideas and pictures about interior decorating, so you can decorate your home with good. Good Luck!

Muhammad Sidik (CEO/Founder)

Obsessed with a quality destination for readers to return to for home ideas, inspiration, and cool home finds, sidiq is always seeking out the next best opportunity for his blog and its readers. 

The community is followed worldwide and he can be reached on Google+ ( when sending a friend request, tell him about yourself too!)

But the best thing about her work  is the actual interaction with people from all over the world, being able to get in contact with the best architects and designers out there and congratulating them on their amazing creations. 

The infinite effort invested in this domain is truly overwhelming and is also her fundamental motivation engine. Lavinia believes she speaks on behalf of the entire team when she says that getting better and better